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4 fundamentals preparing for a good golfswing


4 words that describes the fundamentals of the Pre-Golfswing.


  • Grip:   

How the hands are placed on the grip (handle) of the golfclub is one of the most important factors to deliver the clubface back to square at impact.

And Harvey Penick explained it so easy (as always) when he got the question from Bud Sharke, the co-author of “Harvey Penick´s little red book)

“Why is the grip so important”? Harvey’s answer was just: “because it determines where the ball goes”.

So if you really want to improve your game; look into your grip.

  • Aim:   

Going back to Harvey P and his words: “Take dead Aim” One of the most important things in golf is to hit the ball.

Therefore we must have a small target  and not just the fairway or green. Don´t worry about your swing and how it looks, no: where the ball will go is the   important factor here.

And this goes for practice as well “If you don´t have a target, you will hit it anytime” So grip your club good and take dead aim and you will improve.

  • Set Up   

The third factor and has a great influence on both direction and distance. It is about how we are standing to the ball and how the body is tilted.

The foot placement and weight distribution. The player has a good setup when the body is adjusted to the ball, the lie and the shot at hand.

  • Position   

Means that the ball position has a great influence on the angle of approach and also the ballflight.

All of this together will give the players a good opportunity to hit a good shot. And we van look at the top players and how meticulous they are. Look at how they prepare for this so called “ Pre swing preparations”.  You can look at two top players from LPGA and PGA Tour Paula Cramer and Jack Nicklaus and you can see for yourself.


In all our courses at Navarino Golf Academy these are our fundamentals that we are working with.

Next article we will talk about important way to pactice and learn how to practice like the pro´s do it.


Bertil Garpenholt

PGA Club Professional Navarino Golf Academy

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