Set Up & Position two of the 4 Fundamentals

Set Up & Position two of the 4 Fundamentals

So I presume that if you are in the southern countries or states, your practice for the season -18 is going as planned. Northern countries and states: indoor practice is a great place to work the basics. And here we are going to talk about two important parts of the swing or pre-swing fundamentals.

The Set Up & Position.

This is not anything new, and sometimes we mix it up with ”stance & address” The set up influences both direction and distance and is when here not correct is force you to do corrections in your swing. And the position of the ball will also influence angle of approach, it might be too steep or to shallow. And we will discuss in this article about the importance of this when we comes to our beloved club ”The Driver”

Ball Position

First of all, there is no universal ball location, but some guidelines exists. We are here talking about a flat lie and an iron shot. The ball should be placed just slightly in front of where the club hits the ground. And normally that would be a fraction left (for a right-handed player) of the center. It has also to do with the amount of lateral weight shift the player has. Less weight shift and the ball has to be more to towards the center. Then we have our own preferences as well, and that has to do with the desired height of the shot. But that will then come in an other article where we will talk about special shots. This also something you should talk to your PGA pro about.

But let us now concentrate on the driver. A lot of tournament pros are playing the ball on the instep or towards the heel of the left foot. But we want to hit more up on the ball. Therefore a good idea is to place the ball more towards the toe of the left foot. And with a wider stance we will create a shallower angle of approach and with the result a higher launch angle and the result is a longer carry. If you have access to a launch monitor(Track man or Flightscope) you find out for your self by placing the ball in different positions. We at Navarino Golf Academy have analyzed this and with the same swing speed the difference is clearly notable.

Set Up

We have talked about the ball position side ways and now we are taking the other part and that is how we are placing ourselves. We talked about angle of approach and how that influences the flight of the ball. We want to hit the driver to get the optimal height and carry distance therefore we are doing some adjustment here to get the most out of the club, and also give our bodies the possibility to perform the best.

Setting up to the ball, we have already discussed to put the ball more to the left. But what about the right foot. Yes we will stand a bit wider, we will also make sure that the head is slightly to the right of the ball, and here we have a drill to get this correct.

Put yourself in position with the toe of the left foot is pointing to the ball. Should be slightly turned out (app. 20 degree), both feet together. Now step out with your right foot to the desired position, make sure your weight is even distributed. In this position set your driver behind the ball and tilt your your body to the right. This will get both the shaft and spine leaning away from the target.

So now we have created a power set up and don´t forget to stand tall and swing at it. ”If you want power, you cant hunch over the ball as a hey-sack”          quote Jim McLean 

This is somenthing Tiger Woods have been working on and after seeing his new swing it looks like he is on his way back. We looking forward to see how he will do at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines

If You are interested in finding out more about the fundamentals and learn Your Swing, join one of our Golf School at Navarino Golf Academy at Costa Navarino Golf Resort; send a mail to and we will send you more information about our program (lick on the mail address)

Bertil Garpenholt PGA Club Professional & Mental Coach


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