Wedges played right High and Soft



First I will tell you that for the future i will blend in with english spoken posts as I will go more international. There will be a complete englishspoken side with blogs as well but a little patience you will get them in both languages. (Maybe in German too)

So when I am looking for some answers how to execute special shots I go to the masters. And one of the greatests are Jackie Burke Jr His father Jackie Burke Sr was a mentor to Harvey Penick so we should see and listen to him and look at him executing this shot. Remembe, well over 90 and swinging the club with great hands. Klicka här för attse videon 

This is a great video learning how to execute this shot,


Golfschool at Costa Navarino

I am now starting up my Golfschool at Costa Navarino. I will work there during october/november – februari to may. If you are interrested learning more things like that send for more information HERE

It will be a 3-day school covering most parts of the game and group sizes are no mor than 6/group. Iwill start this Sunday 1st of october, when interrests are even the 25th of sept.

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